MEMENTO MORI Soy Blend Scented Candle

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MEMENTO MORI Soy Blend Scented Candle

This wonderfully spooky candle is by Werther & Gray - Candles inspired by history and culture.

Always remember with this Memento Mori candle.

"Memento Mori, a phrase used for centuries, translates from Latin as "Remember Death". The Victorians embraced death as a part of their culture, allowing it to find expression and importance in many aspects of life, from creative hairwork relics to post-mortem photography, and regulated mourning practices to a revolution in cemetery and burial design. White lilies are the ultimate funeral flower, originally used for their potent and intoxicating fragrance which helped mask the smell of decomposing bodies while attendees mourned. This candle is in remembrance of the way Victorians experienced death, and features a white lily and mahogany fragrance."

FRAGRANCE: White Lily & Mahogany